ERA Technology
London Power Associates is a leading engineering consultancy specialising in power systems and renewable energy. The company is now part of ERA Technology and the combined group includes some of the UK’s well-known industry specialists.

LPA provides a highly responsive and flexible service that allows you to make investment decisions with confidence at any time during the project’s life cycle. Our early involvement offers key advantages in terms of risk minimisation, optimisation of technical performance and cost, compliance with health, safety, environmental and information security requirements and standards.

LPA is registered with Achilles to provide services to the Energy Utility Business Sector (UVDB ID. 84884) and the UK Railway Sector (Link-up ID. 19987). LPA is also accredited to the UVDB Verify scheme and Supply-Line (ID 88763).

An exciting development took place on Friday 24th October 2014. LPA was acquired by ERA Technology. ERA has a very long history in electrical engineering and the combined resources of the two companies will enable us to build on our capabilities in Power Systems and provide a greater breadth and depth of services including earthing systems and EMC. Our geographical footprint will also increase both in the UK and overseas...
The key services we provide include:
Power system concepts, planning, studies and design
Grid connection application, study and design of renewable sources
Technical analysis of power systems (power flow, fault
level, motor start, transient stability and harmonic)
and design optimisation
Protection design and co-ordination
DC and AC railway power system design including
auto-transformer feeding arrangements
Project management / supervision / planning
Health, safety and environment & CDM regulations
Substation design
Equipment specifications
Bid evaluation, inspection and witness testing
Generation integration (including distributed
generation and G59 protection)
Load shedding and system restart/re-acceleration
System and plant failure investigations,
measurements and testing
UPS systems and critical/computer loads
Training & courses
Substation Earthing System Design
Earthing Systems
Voltage fluctuations, flicker and reactive compensation
SVCs, HVDC, balancers and harmonic filtration
Fast transients and insulation co-ordination
Overhead line design and routing
Restructuring, regulation and privatisation
Technical due diligence
Use-of-system charges
Loss reduction, energy efficiency and power factor
Grid code, distribution code, connection and other
Rural & urban electrification and rehabilitation
EMC and interference
Variable speed drives
Quality of supply and measurements
Reliability, risk analysis and system security
Asset condition assessment
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